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Peter McIntyre leads a research group who develop new physics and technology for future particle accelerators and applications of their technology for significant frontiers in energy and biotechnology.


Current Projects:

Pressing textured-powder bars of Bi-2212
Textured-powder Bi-2212 superconducting wire for high-performance high-field magnet windings:
  • Bi-2212 is the only one of the high-temperature superconducting ceramics that has been fabricated into round wires.
  • It is ground to a fine powder and loaded into silver tubes, then drawn and re-stacked to make multi-filament wires.
  • Superconductivity in all HTS

Conformal windings of REBCO high-temperature superconducting tape for ultra-high-field dipoles for future hadron colliders
Cable-in-conduit dipoles for a Collider in the Sea, which could provide an affordable basis for an ultimate-energy hadron collider: 500 TeV collision energy, >5×10^35 cm-2s-1 luminosity
Blocks-in-conduit REBCO-based 40 kA cable for a 20T @20K toroid for compact tokamaks for fusion power
1.5 T Open-MR magnet for walk-through breast cancer screening
GHz Multi-zone MR spectrometer for cost-effective resolution of protein structure and protein binding for molecular medicine.