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Accelerator Research Lab team vintage 2010:

Welcome to the Accelerator Research Lab


We take pride in applying our knowledge and working hands on to develop new superconducting technologies and magnet designs that can help the fields of accelerator physics, medical, energy and many more.

In our lab, researchers gain experience and use of COMSOL – for modeling magnetic fields, thermal flow, and particle tracing – Autodesk Inventor – for building 3-D models – and practical skills in machining – lathe and mill work – for making the parts that go inside our designs.



There is a need in both industry and National Labs for people trained in magnet design, superconducting technology, and the surrounding fields. Students in our lab work in R&D, process control, and interdisciplinary fields such as medical physics and computational physics. Members of our lab may find a unique job that they fill and are more adept at – modeling, etc – but often we find ourselves trained in all aspects of research and in many fields. Our research delves into the fields of chemistry, material science, quantum physics, electrodynamics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and cryogenics. This allows students to have many options when they graduate about what they’d like to pursue.

Recent Conferences

Applied Superconductivity Conference (2022)

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The Accelerator Research Laboratory at Texas A&M has been performing fundamental research for high energy physics, material science, biological investigations, and green power since 1994. The lab staff is currently comprised of 1 Professors,  2 Technicians, 3 graduate students, and 2 undergraduates.