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18.5 T Hybrid Accelerator Dipole

In order for colliders to reach even further into the high energy field,  either the radius of the collider of the dipole fields must increase. Presently the LHC holds NbTi magnets capable of ~8.3 T with the next step up in strength being Nb3Sn magnets which have reached up to 16, but to reach 20 T and above we must incorporate high-temperature superconductors (HTS) – REBCO or Bi-2212. In order to address this our group has integrated several key concepts into our magnet    

  1. Aligning our REBCO tape stacks to conform with the applied field
  2. Making use of current sharing through the REBCO tape stacks.
  3. Utilizing an old design for NbTi SuperCIC and applying it to Nb3Sn in order to manage stress and ease assembly of our magnet
18_49 T Field 18_5kA